Meetusoon Unlimited pass
A whole variety of singles events just for $40

You can visit as MANY events as you want for FREE within a month.

What is an Unlimited pass?
You can attend ANY event within a month and choose from the following below:
Speed Dating events
Singles Parties
Wine tasting and Pizza making
Gay and Lesbian events
Quiz nights
And more others!
Featured Events
How does it work?
Book event!
Enjoy event!
Repeat unlimited times!
Meetusoon has launched an awesome new service called the Unlimited pass which gives you unlimited access to all scheduled events. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about the Unlimited Pass.
What does the Unlimited Pass include?
You’ll get a chance to book and attend events for FREE, within 30 days after purchase.
How many events can I attend within Unlimited pass?
Well, it's unlimited, so you can attend as many events as you wish!
How much is the Unlimited Pass?
The cost of the unlimited pass will be shown on the payment page.
Is it a one-off price or recurring payment?
The Unlimited Pass will automatically renew every 30 days, unless you cancel before the next renewal period.
Is the Unlimited Pass refundable?
No, we don’t offer refunds on the Unlimited Pass.
Does the Event Guarantee apply to events I book with my Unlimited Pass?
No, the Event Guarantee does not apply to any events booked with an Unlimited Pass. In legal words, that means section A.2 of our terms and conditions doesn’t apply to events booked with an Unlimited Pass.
What are the limitations / exclusions?
We want the best turn outs at our events, that’s why there’s only one rule: you can only book one event at a time. Once you’ve attended the event, you can book the next one and so on, as many times as you like. If you book and don't turn up three times, without letting us know at least in 8 hours in advance, we'll have to cancel your Unlimited pass and you’ll lose access to this in future. We respect our guests and don't want constant no shows.
Can I even attend Parties and Premium events?
Yes, you can visit ANY events while you are using the Unlimited Pass, unless stated otherwise in the event details.
How do I book for free after I buy an Unlimited pass?
You'll see all events on our website, just look for a button that says "BOOK FREE". You can reserve a place on your chosen event by just clicking it and confirming your details. After you’ve made the booking, we'll send you a confirmation email.
The event I want to go to is showing as sold out, can I still book it?
Unfortunately no, you can only book onto events that have guest places available.
Are there any limits like “you can only make one booking a week”?
No. There no such limitations. The only limitation is, like we’ve explained above, that you can only book one event at a time, then after you attend that event, you can book the next one and so on.
When will my Unlimited Pass be activated?
As soon as you’ve made the purchase your Unlimited Pass will be live.