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Virtual Speed Dating

Here at Meetusoon, we understand that times like this are tough, especially for those of you who are single. It can be a huge problem when you are not allowed to go and meet new people at a bar in the centre of your city. You may feel alone and annoyed that you are unable to date and socialise in a fun environment. However, there is a way around this problem; online speed dating! A way that you can still meet up to 12 people in one room, here’s the catch, it’s a room...inside the virtual platform Zoom...

Yes, that’s right, virtual speed dating for singles from your home. We wanted to be able to continuously provide groups of people with a space to date and meet new people but in a safe and functional way. This is when we discovered Zoom and how we can utilise this platform to create this bar/party experience that you all must be craving at this strange time. Zoom is great for many things and brings people together in a way we didn’t think it could, especially for online speed dating events!

Virtual Speed Dating

In many ways, providing virtual dating events via zoom has helped to solve the issue of singles in the the USA being alone at home as it acts as the bar, working exactly the same as a normal face-to-face speed dating, but you can just take part at home, where you’re safe, holding a glass of wine you’ve just poured!

The host will guide everyone through this event, as usual; for the dates, every guest will be assigned a breakout room, which acts as the bar table in this situation. The dates will go on for four to five minutes depending on the amount of people attending and the host will be there for any issues or problems, just like they would be in a normal speed dating setting. When you have met everyone virtually, the event will end as usual and the host will make sure that everyone had a great time and collect feedback. After the event is over, the exact same procedure will occur, and you will be able to go on the website the next day and log who you liked and talk to anyone who matches you! Is there anything better sounding than that?! Especially as we’re all in our houses, if you’re single, this is a great opportunity for you to get out there (not literally) and meet a zoom room full of new people and perhaps a potential special man or woman.

Virtual Dating Events in the USA

Luckily, our virtual events run in every city but we host a majority of them for our the USA singles. If you’re living in the USA and have nothing to do with your time, why not join one of our seven events a week?! All of the virtual speed dating in the USA events differ in age range, to ensure that every one of you singles can be involved in our new virtual dating experience. Our virtual events hosted for the USA singles are very popular and we usually have a full zoom room, which is amazing, so why not book your place?!

If you’re thinking of purchasing a ticket to one of our online speed dating in the USA events, but feel a little nervous or you’re not feeling 100% sure, well here are some advantages of our virtual events and what you’d be missing out on if you didn’t join in; firstly, we create a safe and fun environment where you can escape from the fear of the world right now and get to know new people who may be potential love interests or a new friend. The second advantage of joining us on our whirlwind of virtual events iis that it is a great way to meet people when times are tough, and just distract yourself for the evening. It is definitely something different, and maybe you want to try something new? What have you got to lose when you’re just stuck at home? Go on, grab a glass of wine, beer or water, whatever your preference, and get your camera on ready for our virtual speed dating experience on zoom!

Online Speed Dating Events

If you take a look at our website, you can see that we have online events for all singles across the country, so if you’re in Manchester, Brighton, Birmingham, Dublin and most places in the the USA really...we have an event suitable for you in your area! Make sure to check it out for more information. Of course, our virtual events aren’t exactly the same as our face-to-face events, and you will need to prepare a little more if you buy a ticket. Don’t fret though, it is not difficult to set up and a guide on how to operate zoom and join our events will be attached to your confirmation after purchasing a ticket. As soon as you’ve mastered that though, you’ll be set to go and meet new people in a virtual and safe way. We hope you enjoy these virtual events and remember you don’t have to be single whilst you’re at home!

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