Dating Mastery Training Course

The Ultimate Guide to meet, attract and maintain your happy and successful relationships

What will you get with the course?
The 5 Steps to Success
Build your confidence
Improve your personal branding
Get clear what you are looking for
Master the art of conversations
Move forward to your success story
Sarah Louise Ryan, a leading dating expert and coach in the UK.
She has been helping people find, build and deepen romantic relationships 2011 via date coaching, matchmaking and sharing her expertise in relationships. Sarah is also a radio presenter sharing who has been featured in the likes of Forbes, Insider, Psychologies, Cosmopolitan and more. Join her here as you set yourself up for dating and relationship success with Speed Dater.
What are the benefits of our Dating Course?
Weeks of online training with practical tasks
The cost of trial period for the first 4 weeks
Increasing the chance that you will find a soulmate
The cost of the entire Dating Mastery Training Course
How does it work?
Register for a course
Every week get one video lesson and practical tasks
Find love and create your own successful story
Immediately apply the acquired knowledge at our events and in everyday life
What is a Meetusoon Dating Course?
The Meetusoon Dating Course is an online video course with 10 video lectures + practical tasks that will help you to increase your confidence, set your main goals and create your own success story. The main objective of the course is to help you to understand what exactly you are searching for, what partner do you need and what steps you should take to find love and build happy relationships.
What is included in the Meetusoon Dating Course?
The Meetusoon Dating Course includes 10 video lectures recorded by Sarah Louise Ryan, a leading dating expert and matchmaker in the UK + 10 practical tasks after each lesson.
How will I get those materials after purchase?
You will receive the first lesson and practical task by email that you entered when purchasing the course. Access to each of the next lesson, you will get one week after receipt of the previous one. Thus, you will have enough time to familiarize yourself with the materials, as well as to complete practical tasks that are included in each lesson. With the purchase of a course, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to all video lessons and practical tasks. You will be able to review the materials when it is convenient for you even after completing the course.
How much does it cost?
The Meetusoon Dating Course costs $100 in total BUT you can test it almost FREE! Pay only $1 for the first 4 lessons and then decide to buy it or not. If you want to stop your testing period just let us know via email and no future payments will be issued. In other cases, you will be charged for the full price of the Dating Course after 4 weeks of testing period.
Is the Meetusoon Dating Course refundable?
No, we don’t offer refunds on the Meetusoon Dating Course.